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This page includes examples of reports and analyses that Policy Integrity has done, either for specific clients or for public information.

Under contract with the Snelling Center for Government, Policy Integrity prepared a report on economic development in Vermont for the Vermont Department of Finance and Management.  The Report is available here.

A legislative report for the Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration looked at professional reimbursement by Vermont health insurers.  Part 1 of the report, covering primary care and mental health / substance abuse is available here.  Part 2, covering other health care providers, can be found here.

One of the most complex health policy questions is WHY are health care costs increasing so rapidly.  This report provides a very brief overview of the many factors that influence health care spending.

The first in a series of Medicaid reports for the Public Assets Institute looks at current challneges for the Medicaid program, including decertification of the Vermont State Hospital and a reduction in the proportion of Medicaid costs paid by the federal government.  That report can be found here.

Discussions about public and private financing of health care are often a central part of health care reform debates.  What do we mean by public financing?  How important is it in Vermont's health care system.  This report, prepared for Vermont's Health Care Reform Commission, offers a series of definitions and includes estimates of spending under each definition.

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